Could Network Rail Crossrail complex issues originating from infrastructure programme planning and supply chains be resolved using emerging technologies, or is there a dependency on the human factor that no #automation can stimulate behavioural change? Are we trying to solve new challenges using old methods? Are we thinking outside the box?

Can Crossrail compete with the future of transportation trends?

When presented to the Parliament for royal assent in 2008, the Crossrail announced the completion date of 2017. Aside from the consistent delay and the issues published in the media, one may ask whether Crossrail can be a competitor of emerging transportation trends surfaced within different parts of the world, including the hyperloop within the US, or the high-speed transport links already implemented in Asia. If not, then one begs the question, why is a construction project consistently delayed to this extend.

One may also wonder whether the extended delay demonstrated on Crossrail will not shift the programme’s launch from an era where Crossrail previously secured the status of a breakthrough of innovation in engineering to an age where it already is seen as less than a flagship given the emerging alternative transportation trends.

Another delay to Network Rail Crossrail opening date and calls for additional funding - Bogdan Ciocoiu

It is not to say that the realisation of Crossrail’s benefits will not take place. However, it draws a parallel to the importance of the PESTLE framework, which enables organisations to identify environmental forces which are likely to disrupt the local ecosystems of businesses and initiatives, and it helps companies to make informed decisions as to whether to go ahead with any ambition is a clever decision, given what others are likely to innovate and launch the meantime.

Such business analysis tools enable organisations to make informed decisions, including deciding not to give way to certain investments or projects due to alternative, more powerful initiatives that will likely emerge under the leadership of other ecosystem entities in the same way Hyperdub is now being tested and considered for commercial use.

The question is, will the Hyperloop enter production before Crossrail or HS2 is complete (whichever one completes first)?